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Somatic Intagration Analysis (SIA) / Applied Anatomy

Somatics - Soma refers to the body. Somatics defines a broad umbrella of movement and awareness techniques that help the participant experience their body.

Integration - Forming, coordinating, or blending into a functioning or unified whole

Analysis - Examination of a complex whole, its elements, and their relations

SIA looks at the integrative and applied state of functioning human anatomy to analyze chronic pain syndromes, overuse injuries, postural imbalances, developmental movement malpatterning, rehabilitation and health maintenance. It helps you gain an interoceptive, proprioceptive, kinesthetic and experiential awareness of your applied anatomy. 

This is done through hands-on (passive) movement, full body (engaged/dynamic) motion, and education. Awareness gives way to understanding and sustained progress. SIA provides a rich, kinesthetic tap into the mind-body interplay.


As you learn the unique nature of different tissues and tangible sensory cues from unique systems, you become a better consumer of your body. You can then make better choices about how to approach issues as they arise how to use your network of providers and self-care options most effectively.